How to do if your key fob is running out of battery – by Khairil

How to do if your key fob is running out of battery:

In case of emergencies you’re facing unable to open the locked door or you totally cannot start your vehicle.

The keyless entry system that established to Alphard/Vellfire is required active key fob (working) to unlock or to start the vehicle. Running out of battery may disturb the system.

But do not panic. There is a contingency steps to overcome this problem immediately.

To unlock the door:

  1. Remove your mechanical key from the fob.
  2. Insert the mechanical key into door handle.
  3. Turn to counter clock wise to unlock.
  4. Open the door as normal.

To start the vehicle:

  1. Touch the fob closed to the push start button.
  2. There is a small light on the push start button.

  3. Push the start button with your fob when the small light turn to green.

Now, you can start your vehicle.

Replace the fob battery immediately.

Thank You.

From Khairil @mschyril.

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