Chassis Code for Alphard and Vellfire Models – By Roy Hans

Chassis code for Alphard and Vellfire models. What is your model and chassis? Let learn..

ANH10 2.4engine 2wd
ATH10 2.4engine 2wd hybrid
ANH15 2.4engine 4wd
MNH10 3.0engine 2wd
MNH15 3.0engine 4wd

ANH20 2.4engine 2wd
ATH20 2.4engine 2wd hybrid
ANH25 2.4engine 4wd
GGH20 3.5engine 2wd
GGH25 3.5engine 4wd

AGH30 2.5engine 2wd
ATH30 2.5engine 2wd hybrid
AGH35 2.5engine 4wd
GGH30 3.5engine 2wd
GGH35 3.5engine 4wd

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